Night photography is a little bit tricky, a lot of things you need to put into consider, like how secure is the vicinity. is there any chances that we can come up in case of trouble?. this things should be consider to be more secure specialy if you are on a solo flight at night.

most of the time i walk alone, find something on the street... make those ordinary things that i saw to be my subject.

these are few sample of images that i took last sat. night march 10, 2012. a long and old overpass crossing one of rabat city´s biggest public hospital IBN ZINA.

i went here at around 8pm and the place was already almost empty, very scary isn´t it? i have camera, 2 lenses, tripod and some accessories with me... luckily one guard approached me and advised me to leave the area within an hour or else i will be get entangled with those crazy ass guys roaming around to find their victims and the night is their best playground...

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