Plains and Stripes              
                Newly opened zoo here in rabat morocco is one of the main attraction now for people from different walks of life. just like any other countries, the zoo is offering different kinds of wild animals that everybody can enjoy viewing from smallest mammal up to the biggest creature... i myself was also a bit curious about whats this place can offer, so i went there together with my few friends to have a look,, although we have a lot more zoos in the phillipines as we all know :-) ,  but here is still different place to explore.        

              This may be the biggest wild animal farm here in morocco or shall i say in north africa if im not mistaken. i took this photos about a month ago now.. i would love to share it with you guys. please feel free to browse the rest of this images. just follow this link:  
magandang araw po sa inyong lahat...:-)

theta rho
3/15/2012 11:55:51

good one tol

3/16/2012 17:36:19



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