Another photography experiment i tried using different kinds of lights. The "light painting" is one of many tricks in photography which gives an exciting outcomes and some dramatic exposures due to limited light resources. As for me, last night i tried this trick after watching tutorials from google and youtube, i grabbed my DSLR, my tripod and set it up...using black cardboard in the backround. I used lighter for this image which it looks like a spoon in heavy fire. Some images that i took using another source of light which is from my two phones lighting every part of the subject from down , up, and both sides..

as for the camera settings, i set it up to manual at 20 seconds, aperture at F 22 and ISO remains at the lowest one which is at 200 to avoid  noise appearing in the image. This was a long exposure activity to allow more light captured during the exposure..the room was in  total darkness.. so much for that... here are some of the images i got.. (by the way it was only for a trial out of curiosity :-) this wasn´t that good captures)............ bonjournee...

the rest of this images here :  http://johmargozon.weebly.com/light-painting.html